A.   Purpose
The purpose of the B-1 Local Business District is to encourage the establishment of areas for convenience business uses which tend to meet the daily or weekly needs of the residents of an immediate neighborhood, and to provide a lower-intensity of use for the general public.  This District shall not include activities characterized by major purchase items or goods or services which are oriented to a City-wide or highway-attracted clientele. 
   B.   Permitted Uses
      1.   Bakery, barber and beauty shop, drug store, dry cleaning and laundry, self- service laundries, florist, gift shop, delicatessen, meat market, shoe repair shop, fabric shop, tailor and dressmaker. 
      2.   Public noncommercial facilities such as parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, swimming pools, golf courses, and community centers operated with or without a fee.
3.   Health and recreational facilities.
      4.   Public libraries, museums, art galleries, and similar public cultural uses.’
      5.   Pharmacies.
      6.   Banks and other financial institutions with or without drive-in or drive- through facilities.
      7.   Churches and other places of religious worship.
      8.   Business and professional lenders.
      9.   Restaurants or coffee shops without drive-in or drive-through facilities, taverns, ice cream parlors, not including entertainment or dance halls. 
      10.   Private clubs, fraternities, lodges, and meeting places or other similar organizations not including those that are customarily conducted as a gainful business.
      11.   Public and private schools provided land consists of at least three (3) acres and parking and traffic access requirements of Chapter 1159 are satisfied.  Private schools must offer general educational courses and have no facilities for the housing of students.
      12.   Studios of photography, dance, music, or art.
      13.   Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to the above uses.
      14.   Mixed use - residential with commercial/office.
   C.   Conditional Uses
      1.   Automated teller machines, located outside the building of an existing use.
      2.   Temporary school buildings.
      3.   Convenience stores without drive-in or drive-through facilities.
      4.   Printing and copying shops having a sales office or retail outlet on premises.
      5.   Restaurants with drive-in or drive-through facilities.
      6.   Night Clubs.
      7.   Beer and wine carry-out.
      8.   Automotive service stations with or without repair garage.
      9.   Car washes.
      10.   Any other use determined by the Board of Zoning Appeals to be similar to those uses listed above.
      11.   Child day care centers (Refer to Section 1147.21)
   D.   Development Standards
   Refer to Section 1143.12 for development standards pertaining to this District.
(Ord. 15-14.  Passed 10-21-14.)