The following regulations shall apply to any areas annexed to the City:
   A.   Any lot, tracts, or lands, which are residential in nature, shall be subject to zoning at the time of their annexation and shall be classified as being in the R-O District established by this Ordinance.
   B.   Any lot, tracts or lands, which are not considered residential in nature, which are subject to zoning at the time of their annexation shall be classified as being in whichever district established by this Ordinance most closely resembles the zoning that existed in the annexed territory prior to annexation.
   C.   The Planning Commission and City Council shall act upon the zoning plan in accordance with the procedures governing amendments to this Ordinance.
   D.   (EDITOR’S NOTE:  Former subsection D. was repealed by Ordinance 53-04, passed December 21, 2004.)
   E.   The Planning Commission and Council may, during the course of annexation proceedings and before the acceptance of territory proposed to be annexed, undertake public hearings, give notice of proposed zoning, and do all things necessary to achieve municipal zoning for annexed territory contemporaneously with, or immediately after, the acceptance of annexed territory.
      (Ord.  53-04.  Passed 12-21-04.)