No structure or part thereof shall be placed upon or moved onto land, erected, constructed, reconstructed, enlarged, or structurally altered, nor shall any building or land be used or occupied which does not comply with the district regulations established by this Ordinance for the district in which the building, structure, and/or land is located.
   A.   Lot Size Requirements and the Subdivision of Land
No parcel of land held under one ownership, with or without a building, at the time this Ordinance becomes effective shall be reduced, nor shall any such parcel be subdivided in any manner below the minimum lot width and lot area required by this Ordinance.
   B.   Reductions in Yard Requirements
No building may be enlarged which would result in decreasing a minimum yard requirement below the requirements of the applicable zoning district except for BZA approved variances.
   C.   Location of Uses on a Single Lot
Unless otherwise specifically allowed, every principal building hereafter erected, relocated, or structurally altered shall be located on a single lot as herein defined.
   D.   Unsafe Buildings
Nothing in this Ordinance shall prevent the strengthening or restoring to a safe condition any structure, or part thereof, declared unsafe by a proper authority.
   E.   Conversion of Dwellings
The conversion of any building into a dwelling or the conversion of any dwellings to accommodate an increased number of dwelling units or families, is permitted only in accordance with all requirements of this Ordinance, including those that require minimum lot sizes (Refer to Section 1147.03).
   F.   Parking/Loading Requirements
No land use may change from one use to another without meeting the parking/loading requirements for the new use.
   G.   Notification
Prior to the transfer of ownership of any property within the corporate limits of the City of Harrison, Ohio, the owner or his agent shall advise the transferee of any and all covenants, deed restrictions, easements, zoning, etc. applicable to said property.