A Charter Review Commission shall be created not less than once each five (5) years on or before December 1 of the year prior to the year of the Charter Review for the purpose of reviewing this Charter to determine if amendments are necessary to conform to the changing needs of the Municipality or to recommend other additions. The Commission shall consist of nine (9) members. The Mayor shall serve as a member of the Commission by virtue of his office and the Council shall elect one (1) of its own to the Commission. The Mayor shall appoint three (3) electors of the Municipality to the Commission and Council shall elect four (4) electors of the Municipality to the Commission. The Director of Law shall meet with the Commission in an advisory capacity.
   The Commission shall elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary at its first organizational meeting. Minutes shall be kept of the proceedings and all meetings shall be open to the public. The Commission shall consider any appropriate revision to the Charter and shall submit its recommendation to the Council upon approval by a majority of its members. The recommendations shall not be binding upon the Council. Council may approve, change, or disapprove the proposed changes in accordance with Sec. 11.02 of this Charter.
   The Commission must complete its review of the Charter and present its report to Council within six (6) months from the date the Commission was created.