Sec. 8.05  RECALL
   Electors shall have the power to remove from office by recall election any elected officer of the Municipality. After a holder of an elected office has served six (6) months of his term, a petition demanding his recall and removal may be filed with Council. Such petition shall be signed by electors equal in number to at least twenty-five (25) per cent of the total votes cast at the last regular municipal election. The Hamilton County Board of Elections, within sixty (60) days of the filing of the petition, shall determine its validity and sufficiency in accordance with Section 8.02 of this Charter. If the Board of Elections determines that the petition is valid and sufficient, it shall cause to be delivered, within five (5) days of such determination, notification of such determination to the officer whose removal is sought. If such officer does not resign within five (5) days after the receipt of such notification, Council shall fix a day for holding a recall election not less than thirty (30) days, nor more than forty-five (45) days, from the date of receipt of such officer of said notification. The form of the ballot used shall be:
   "Shall ______________________ be removed from his office as ______________________?" If a majority of the votes cast are affirmative, such officer shall be considered as removed, his office will be deemed vacated, and such vacancy shall be filled as provided in this Charter; otherwise he shall remain and continue in office. An officer removed by such recall election shall not be eligible for appointment to the vacancy created thereby.