Appointments and promotions in the classified service of the Municipality shall be made according to merit and fitness, which will be ascertained, insofar as practicable, by competitive examination. The following shall comprise the unclassified service of the City:
   1.    All officers elected by the electors, or appointed to fill vacancies in elective offices.
   2.    Clerk of Council.
   3.    Members of boards, bureaus and commissions appointed by the Mayor or the Council.
   4.    Directors of departments.
   5.    Deputies, clerks, assistants or secretaries to the Mayor and to the directors of each department.
   6.    Unskilled labor, as defined by the Civil Service Commission, and part-time employees and temporary employees.
   7.    Any temporary or part-time office or position requiring the qualifications of any expert.
   8.    Members of auxiliary units of the Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services Departments.
   9.    Members of the volunteer Fire Department and volunteer Emergency Medical Services Department except regular full-time employees.