943.05 CHARGES.
   (a)   The Director is hereby authorized to fix reasonable charges, subject to approval by the Mayor, for pipe, cocks, meters, metering devices, fittings, remote meter registers and appurtenances to be furnished for water service installations and to establish standard specifications therefore.
   (b)   Charges for installation of remote meter registers, including all necessary parts and connections, shall be determined by the Director. Registers, fastenings, and connections shall remain the property of the Water Department and may not be moved from one setting to another. The feasibility of installation of the remote meter register will be determined by the Water Department.
   (c)   A charge based on the current cost to the Harrison Water Department to repair or replace any remote register or connections thereto, necessitated by damage or neglect by the consumer or owner, shall be made. It shall be at the discretion of the Water Department whether to repair or replace a remote register but the charge for repair may not exceed the total cost of a new remote register and the installation of such. This charge shall be separate and in addition to any charge for meter repairs provided elsewhere.
(Ord. 18-93. Passed 7-20-93.)