(a)   The Director shall, at the request of any consumer and upon payment by such a consumer of the prescribed charge, install a remote meter register which will permit the reading of the consumer's water meter without entering the building in which the meter is located or which will permit the reading of the meter by entering some portion of the building designated by the consumer, provided, however, the location of the remote meter register shall be subject to the approval of the Director in order to insure that it will be reasonably accessible to the meter reader.
   If a remote meter is serving the premises, the inside register is controlling for bill payment purposes should there be a discrepancy between the inside and outside registers. Occasional access to the inside register must be provided for service during normal working hours and to read the inside register for final billings.
   (b)   Application for a remote meter register may be made by a property owner or his authorized agent for a 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, or 1 inch meter. All charges shall be paid in advance. Where not feasible to install, the installation charge shall be refunded.
   (c)   Remote registers will not be installed inside any enclosure which can be locked.
   (d)   Remote meter registers shall be installed by authorized employees of the Water Department only. The Water Department shall not be responsible for defacement or damage to property caused by necessary holes, fastenings, or other work required for proper installation.
   (e)   The Water Department will maintain remote register under the same provisions as meters are maintained.
   (f)   Remote registers may not be installed to relieve the owner of the responsibility of placing the meter outside where required by regulations.
(Ord. 18-93. Passed 7-20-93.)