(a)   Where excavations are made by public utility companies operating under a franchise issued by the City or under the supervision of the Public Utilities Commission or utilities operated by governmental agencies, a permit may be granted without making such deposit or bond. In such cases, the utilities shall be liable for the actual cost of any work required to be done by the City in restoring the area covered by such excavations to as good condition as the same was in before such work was done. Further provided, however, that the City may, in the future, require such deposit from any such utility if a bill rendered in accordance with this section remains unpaid 60 days after date of billing.
   (b)   Where excavations are made for and at the request of the City on an emergency basis, the necessity for making a deposit, posting a bond and paying the permit fee shall be waived. However, the person making the excavation shall be required to obtain a permit for same and to restore the pavement as set forth in the permit. (1993 Code 97.04)