(A)   Whenever any dog has bitten a person, the owner or custodian of the dog or animal, having been so notified, either orally or in writing, shall immediately quarantine the dog or animal at the owner’s home or other suitable place of confinement, as directed by the responsible officer of the city, for a period of 14 days after the occurrence.
   (B)   During the quarantine period, the animal shall be securely confined in a building or in a yard enclosed by a fence so constructed that the animal cannot escape or otherwise leave the enclosure, and which will not permit other animals or persons to enter, for the purpose of preventing the animal from biting or otherwise coming in contact with persons or other animals.
   (C)   Upon a reasonable suspicion that the dog may be rabid, the dog shall be subjected to the necessary tests by a doctor of veterinary medicine for the purpose of determining if it is infected with rabies.
   (D)   The confinement, testing, treatment, in addition to all other expenses incurred as the result of a dog biting a person shall be the expense of the owner of the animal.
(Prior Code, § 406.18)  Penalty § 10.99