A.   When the health officer or police chief determines and certifies that a dog, a cat or other animal in the city or within five (5) miles of the city is or was infected with rabies and that an epidemic of rabies threatens the city, the city council, by resolution, may order all dogs to be confined, within the city, and if deemed desirable, all cats to be confined, during a period of time to be determined by the board. Such resolution or an adequate notice of its passage shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the city and shall go into effect on the date following such publication unless the resolution prescribes a later time.
   B.   While such resolution is in effect, it is unlawful for any owner to permit an unmuzzled dog or a cat to be at large in violation of such resolution, or for any such dog or a cat to be at large in violation thereof. (Prior code § 3-23)