A.   The owner of a dog or cat shall have the dog or cat vaccinated against rabies by a duly licensed veterinarian or other authorized person every calendar year before December 31 thereof, or, in the case of a pup or kitten, before it is three (3) months old. The person vaccinating the dog or cat shall furnish the owner a certificate of vaccination. (Prior code §§ 3-18, 3-29)
   B.   Rabies vaccination shall be required of all horses that are located in R-1B and A-2 zones within the city. (Ord. 1992-11, 5-21-1992)
   C.   Cats or dogs kept in kennels or boarded shall be vaccinated for rabies annually. A written record shall be kept by the kennel operator which shall include:
      1.   A description of the cat or dog.
      2.   If the cat or dog is boarded or owned by the kennel.
      3.   Type of vaccine administered.
      4.   The date each cat or dog was vaccinated.
      5.   Name of veterinarian giving vaccination.
   D.   The record will be available for inspection by the health officer or police chief or animal control officer. (Prior code §§ 3-18, 3-29)