A.   It shall be unlawful to keep, harbor, own or in any way possess within the corporate limits of the city of Harrah:
      1.   Any warm blooded, carnivorous or omnivorous, wild or exotic animal excluding fowl, ferrets and small rodents of varieties used for laboratory purposes and excluding exhibitions of animals maintained by a zoological park.
      2.   Any animal having a poisonous bite.
      3.   Any dangerous animal.
   B.   Any person violating or permitting the violations of any provision of this section, shall upon conviction in Harrah municipal court, be fined a sum not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00). In addition to the fine imposed, the court may order the animal removed from the city. Should the defendant owners refuse to remove the animal from the city, the municipal judge may find the defendant owner in contempt and order the immediate confiscation and impoundment of the animal. If the owner shall continue to refuse to remove the animal from the city, the municipal judge may issue any other orders necessary to carry out the intent of this section. Each day that a violation of this section continues shall be deemed a separate offense. In addition to the foregoing penalties, any person who violates this section shall pay all expenses, including shelter, food, handling, veterinary care and other costs necessitated by the enforcement of this section. (Ord. 2016-7, 11-17-2016)