A.   A pigeon "loft" and the keeping of pigeons as defined herein may be authorized under the zoning code as a use permitted on review subject to the following standards and conditions:
   B.   For the purpose of this code:
    FANCY PIGEON: A pigeon which, through past breeding, has developed certain distinctive physical and performing characteristics as to be clearly identified and accepted as such by the national pigeon association, the American pigeon club or the rare breeds pigeon club. Examples include fantails, routers and trumpeters.
   LOFT: The structure(s) for the keeping of pigeons permitted by this code.
   MATURE PIGEON: A pigeon aged six (6) months or older.
   OWNER: The owner of a pigeon subject to this code.
   PIGEON: A member of the family Columbidae, and shall include "racing pigeons", "fancy pigeons" and "sporting pigeons" as defined in this section.
   RACING PIGEON: A pigeon which, through selective past breeding, has developed the distinctive physical and mental characteristics as to enable it to return to its home after having been released a considerable distance therefrom, and which is accepted as such by the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc., or the International Federation Of Racing Pigeon Fanciers. It is also commonly known as racing homer, homing pigeon or carrier pigeon.
   SPORTING PIGEON: A pigeon which, through selective past breeding, has developed the ability to fly in a distinctive manner, such as aerial acrobatics or endurance flying. Examples are rollers and tipplers.
   C.   The keeping, breeding, maintenance and flying of pigeons shall be permitted on the following conditions:
      1.   The loft shall be of such sufficient size and design, and constructed of such material, that it can be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.
      2.   There shall be at least one square foot of floor space in any loft for each mature pigeon kept therein.
      3.   The construction and location of the loft shall require a building permit and shall not conflict with the requirements of any building code or zoning code of the city.
      4.   All feed for the pigeons shall be stored in such containers as to protect against intrusion by rodents and other vermin.
      5.   The loft shall be maintained in a sanitary condition and in compliance with all applicable health regulations of the city.
      6.   All pigeons shall be confined to the loft, except for limited periods necessary for exercise, training and competition; and at no time shall pigeons be allowed to perch or linger on the buildings or property of others.
      7.   All pigeons shall be fed within the confines of the loft.
      8.   No one shall release pigeons to fly for exercise, training or competition except in compliance with the following rules:
         a.   The owner of the pigeon shall be a member in good standing of an organized pigeon club, such as the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc., the International Federation Of Racing Pigeon Fanciers, the National Pigeon Association, the American Tippler Society, the International Roller Association, the Rare Breeds Pigeon Club, or a local club which has rules that will help preserve the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood;
         b.   Pigeons will not be released for flying which have been fed within the previous four (4) hours.
      9.   Pigeons shall be banded and registered with one of the National Pigeon Association registries. (Ord. 1996-18, 12-19-1996)