A.   Inspections: The health officer, police officer, or animal control officer, upon complaint of any person, shall inspect any structure or place where any animal or fowl is kept, and may do so on his own initiative. He may issue any such reasonable order as he deems necessary to the owner of the animal or fowl to cause the same to be kept as provided in this chapter or in a manner so as not to constitute a nuisance. In carrying out such duties, officers may arrest any person violating the provisions and without a warrant, may issue a citation to such person to appear in court.
   B.   Procedures: In issuing a citation, the officer shall proceed as follows:
      1.   He shall prepare a written citation to appear in court containing the name and address of the cited person and the offense charged, and stating when the person shall appear in court.
      2.   One copy of the citation to appear shall be delivered to the person cited, and such person shall sign a duplicate written citation which shall be retained by the officer.
      3.   The officer shall thereupon release the cited person from any custody.
      4.   As soon as practicable, the officer shall cause to be filed one copy of the citation with the court specified therein.
   C.   Failure To Appear: If a person fails to appear in response to a citation, a warrant for his arrest shall be issued, and any person who wilfully fails to appear in response to a citation is guilty of an offense. (Prior Code, Sec. 3-2)