A.   The following items identified are prohibited from sale at the Harrah parks:
      1.   All knives.
      2.   All firearms, including toys.
      3.   Blow darts and blowguns.
      4.   Stink bombs.
      5.   Smoke bombs.
      6.   All explosives, including fireworks, except that fireworks can be discharged on the 4th of July and when permitted by special permit approved by the city manager.
      7.   All imitation cigarettes.
      8.   All tobacco products.
      9.   All ninja weapons, stars, nunchucks, batons, swords.
      10.   Any items commonly associated with the use or consumption of illegal substances.
   B.   The above restrictions can be waived for specific events on specific dates upon application by vendor or event coordinator submitted for approval to the City Manager, which approval will list the items to excepted from Section A above, if any. (Ord. 2005-1, 1-6-2005; amd. Ord. 2020-10, 7-20-2020)