A.   The current editions of the building codes and all accompanying appendices, amendments and modifications adopted by the building codes bureau, Montana department of labor and industry (or its successor), as set out in the administrative rules of Montana, as amended from time to time by the building codes bureau, shall be adopted by reference by administrative order of the mayor, as authorized by section 50-60-301(1)(b), Montana Code Annotated, except for any exceptions noted in this chapter or any regulations not applicable to local government jurisdictions. These codes are applicable to all buildings within the building code enforcement area of the city of Hardin, Montana, including, but not limited to, residential buildings containing less than five (5) dwelling units or their attached-to structures, any farm or ranch building of any size, and any private garage or private storage structure of any size used only for owner's own use as provided by section 50-60-102(1)(a), Montana Code Annotated.
The adopted building codes shall regulate the erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, moving, removal, demolition, conversion, occupancy, equipment, use, height, area and maintenance of all buildings and/or structures in the city and its jurisdictional area, providing for issuance of permits and collection of fees and penalties.
   B.   One copy of each code shall be on file in the office of the city clerk/city finance officer.
   C.   Any codes or amendments adopted by the building codes bureau which apply to local government jurisdictions, including the adoption of the latest editions of the model technical codes or applicable administrative rules of Montana, shall become effective in the city of Hardin upon order of the mayor and within ninety (90) days after the date that the bureau notifies the city of said amendments. (Ord. 2002-03, 5-7-2002)