Twelve (12) copies of the conditional use application form and required review fee shall be submitted to the city clerk on the first day of the month preceding the month in which it will be reviewed at the regularly scheduled zoning commission/planning board meeting. The city clerk shall note the time of receipt, keep one copy, send one copy to the city planner, and forward the remainder to the secretary of the zoning commission.
   A.   The zoning commission shall publish notice of public hearing in the local newspaper at least fifteen (15) days prior to the zoning commission meeting at which the application will be considered; adjacent property owners of record within one hundred fifty feet (150') of the application property shall also be notified by mail by the zoning commission. The applicant or the authorized agent must attend the meetings of the zoning commission and the common council at which the application will be discussed.
   B.   The conditional use application shall include twelve (12) copies of:
      1.   The conditional use application form:
         a.   Legal description of property.
         b.   Address or general location of property.
         c.   Existing zoning.
         d.   Conditional use requested.
         e.   Reason for request.
         f.   Possible noise, vibration, air pollution, electrical interference, and similar environmental impacts generated or potentially generated by proposed use.
         g.   List of adjacent landowners of record within one hundred fifty feet (150') certified by the county clerk.
      2.   Scaled drawings of:
         a.   Subject property, including size, and existing buildings and improvements.
         b.   Proposed use, buildings, and improvements.
         c.   Adjacent land use and improvements.
         d.   Existing natural features of the site such as vegetation or wetlands.
         e.   Off street parking.
         f.   Landscaping, signs, lighting, and fencing.
      3.   Other information as may be needed by the zoning commission.
      4.   Name, address, and telephone number of owner of record.
      5.   Name, address, and telephone number of agent of owner of record.
      6.   Review fee.
   C.   The zoning commission must find that the conditional use applied for is compatible with the GMP and the surrounding neighborhood under the conditions of the proposal for use. After the public hearing for the conditional use, the zoning commission shall delay its recommendation to common council no longer than thirty (30) working days. After making its decision the common council shall notify the applicant and the zoning commission in writing of its decision. (Ord. 2003-03, 4-15-2003)