11-1-11-2: REQUIREMENTS:
No structure or land use may be used for any purpose other than those allowed within a zoning district as specified in the zoning ordinance unless a conditional land use permit therefor has been provided. The zoning commission may require any information that will allow the decision makers to comprehensively evaluate and decide on applications for conditional uses brought before them. The zoning commission may recommend and the city can require, after consideration of the application for conditional use, those conditions under which such land use may be allowed, to include, but not be necessarily limited to, the following:
   A.   Adequate street capacity serving proposed use and site ingress and egress with concern for vehicular and pedestrian safety and convenience, traffic flow and control, and emergency access as reviewed and approved by the city superintendent of public works;
   B.   Adequate off street parking and loading with attention to vehicular and pedestrian safety, and traffic flow;
   C.   Conditions that control, specify, or plan for the generation of odors, noise, hours of operation, signage, or impact on natural systems;
   D.   Adequate landscaping, screening, and buffering; and
   E.   Compatibility with adjacent and neighborhood land uses and Hardin's GMP. (Ord. 2003-03, 4-15-2003)