In C2, highway commercial; C3, neighborhood commercial; and I2, light industrial zoning districts, landscaping shall be provided according to the following schedule: (Ord. 2004-03, 7-20-2004; amd. Ord. 2011-07, 5-3-2011)
   A.   New Site Development:
Up to 22,000 square feet
10 percent minimum
22,000 square feet to 5 acres
8 percent minimum
5 acres to 10 acres
6 percent minimum
Over 10 acres
4 percent minimum
   B.   Existing Site Development:
      1.   Building additions in excess of fifty percent (50%): Percentage of landscaping required is one-half (1/2) of new site development.
      2.   Building additions less than twenty five percent (25%): No landscaping required.
   C.   Environmental Amenities: Landscaping area shall be based on the square footage of the lot or lots and may consist of outdoor plazas, deciduous and evergreen plantings native to the Hardin area, aesthetic buffering, benches, kiosks, public shelters, fountains, flower tubs, and other environmental amenities approved by the building official.
   D.   Plan Approval; Zoning Compliance: Landscaping plans must be approved as part of the building permitting process. In the area up to one mile outside of the city of Hardin, landscaping is part of the zoning requirements, and failure to comply is a violation of the zoning ordinance. (Ord. 2004-03, 7-20-2004)