A.   Churches, public and semi-public buildings, hospitals and institutions in an R District may have one bulletin board not more than fifteen (15) square feet in area.
   B.   Temporary signs not more than ten (10) square feet in area pertaining to lease or sale of premises and nameplates when nonilluminated and not greater in area than one square foot are allowed in an R District; provided, that a nameplate of four (4) square feet is allowed in an R2 District. (Ord. dated 9-3-1974)
   C.   In the C Districts, the total square foot area for a sign on a premises may not exceed an amount equal to two (2) square feet of sign for each lineal foot of street frontage of said premises. In the C Districts, all signs must be: 1) attached to a building and not extended more than five feet (5') over the property line; or 2) located on, over and upon privately owned property and not extended over the property line or any right of way adjacent to or part of said property; or 3) approved, in writing, as encroachment by the City Council. (Ord. 90-1, 1-16-1990, eff. 2-14-1990)