11-1-7-3: PARKING RULES:
   A.   In the C and I Districts, parking space may be provided on a separate lot if within three hundred feet (300') of a building and two (2) or more owners may join together in the provision of this parking space. (Ord. dated 9-3-74)
   B.   In the R districts, and in C and I districts within fifty feet (50') of an R district, no parking space may be located in a front yard other than the two (2) spaces allowed in residential single-family areas. (Ord., 9-3-1974; amd. Ord., 2-3-1976)
   C.   Parking spaces may be provided in side and rear yards in the R districts and in any yard in C and I districts, except that in the C and I districts no parking space may be provided in a front yard unless the building is set back at least thirty feet (30') from the street.
   D.   Existing buildings not complying with off street parking requirements may be remodeled, repaired, and structurally altered, but any enlargement must provide the required parking spaces for the said enlargement. (Ord., 9-3-1974)