A.   Nonconforming uses are those lawful uses of premises that do not conform with the requirements of this chapter on the effective date of this chapter or any amendment thereto.
   B.   It is the intent of this chapter that all nonconforming uses shall be eventually eliminated.
   C.   Nonconforming uses may be continued and if there are no structural alterations, such a use may be changed to a use of the same or of a higher classification. If it is changed to a use in a higher classification or to a conforming use, it cannot be changed back to the original nonconforming use. For the purposes of this section, the "same classification" means uses permitted in the same district; a "higher classification" means uses permitted in a district which has a higher position use category.
   D.   If a nonconforming use is stopped for two (2) years or more, a new use must conform to the use regulations of the district in which it is located.
   E.   A nonconforming use cannot be enlarged, extended, reconstructed or structurally altered unless changed to a permitted use.
   F.   If a nonconforming use is damaged or destroyed by a fire, explosion, act of God, or the public enemy, then any restoration must be for a permitted use.
   G.   Where premises in an R District were used only for open storage or only for signs and billboards, such uses must be discontinued within two (2) years after the effective date of this chapter.
   H.   Adoption of these zoning regulations in no way legalizes any nonconforming uses existing at the time of such adoption. (Ord., 9-3-1974)