11-1-2-5-4: APPLICATION:
   A.   An application form for persons seeking to open and operate a medical marijuana dispensary in or within one mile of the municipal limits of the city of Hardin must obtain the application form from the city clerk's office. The completed application form along with the required review fee must be submitted to the city-county planning board on or before the first day of the month at which it will appear on the planning board agenda.
   B.   The planning board shall advertise and conduct a public hearing concerning the application and shall notify in writing all property owners of record within three hundred feet (300') of the location of the proposed medical marijuana dispensary.
   C.   The application shall include the following information. Incomplete applications shall be grounds for denial of the application or of delay of review.
      1.   A sketch or diagram showing the interior configuration of the premises, including a statement of the total floor area occupied by the medical marijuana dispensary. The sketch or diagram need not be professionally prepared, but must be drawn to a designated scale drawn with marked dimensions of the interior of the premises to an accuracy of plus or minus six inches (±6"); (Ord. 2010-15, 7-6-2010)
      2.   An accurate straight line drawing prepared within thirty (30) days prior to application depicting the building and the portion thereof to be occupied by the medical cannabis dispensary, and: a) the property line of any other medical cannabis dispensary; and b) the property lines of any public or private school or public park; include a list of names and addresses of all property owners of record owning property within three hundred feet (300') of the proposed location; and a copy of the geocode map of all property owners of record owning property within three hundred feet (300') of the proposed location provided by the Montana department of revenue property assessment Big Horn office; (Ord. 2011-04, 5-3-2011)
      3.   Location of where the marijuana (cannabis) is grown, which must be separate from the place it is dispensed. Growing areas are only allowed in industrial and agricultural zoning districts;
      4.   Such other information as may be required by the planning board or city officials consistent with the purposes of this chapter and applicable law;
      5.   Authorization for the city, its agents, or employees to seek verification of the information contained within the application;
      6.   A statement in writing by the applicant that he or she certifies under penalty of perjury that all the information within the application is true;
      7.   Acceptance of the application does not in any way indicate final approval or granting thereof by the city. (Ord. 2010-15, 7-6-2010)