A.   Required: It shall be unlawful for any person residing in the city to ride or propel a bicycle on any public thoroughfare unless such bicycle has been registered in the name of its owner and has had an ID number stamped on the sprocket housing of its frame. (Ord. 359, 11-4-1969, eff. 12-4-1969)
   B.   Application; Fee: Application for bicycle registration shall be made with the police office. A fee of one dollar ($1.00) shall be paid by each applicant.
   C.   Issuance; Record:
      1.   The police department, upon receiving proper application therefor, is authorized to issue a bicycle registration which shall be effective until the ownership of the bicycle is transferred.
      2.   The police department shall keep a record of the number of each ID number, the name and address of the person to whom issued, and a record of all fees collected. (Ord. 359, 11-4-1969, eff. 12-4-1969; amd. Ord. 2010-16, 7-1-2010)