A.   All sidewalks and curbs which may hereafter be constructed upon any street or avenue in the City, whether ordered in by the City Council or constructed under the laws governing special improvement districts, or installed by any contractor or property owner, or otherwise, shall be constructed under the supervision, direction and inspection of the City Operations Director, and out of such materials as may be prescribed by him or her.
   B.   All sidewalks constructed in the Central Business District of the City shall have a minimum width of ten feet (10') unless a variance is granted by majority vote of the City Council. All other sidewalks constructed on any of the streets and avenues of the City shall have a minimum width of five feet (5').
   C.   No sidewalk or curb shall be constructed on any of the streets, avenues or alleys of the City without the City Operations Director having first established and set the stakes for the grades thereof. (Ord. 2002-01A, 4-16-2002)