A.   Discharge Of BB Guns, Slingshots And Firearms; Permit: It is unlawful for any person to discharge any air gun, slingshot or other contrivance which propels a missile or missiles by use of compressed air, springs or any other elastic substance, or to discharge any firearm, including .22, shotgun or any manner of rifle without first having obtained a written permit from the city council permitting the possession and discharge of such BB guns, slingshots, or other firearms as provided in this section. (1991 Code § 9.08.010)
   B.   Issuance Of Permits: The city council is authorized and empowered to issue written permits for the public display or exhibition of fireworks within the city, also to issue permits for the use of BB guns, slingshots and firearms of all descriptions. (1991 Code § 9.08.020)
   C.   Sale And Discharge Of Fireworks: "Fireworks", as defined in Idaho Code section 39-2602(3), shall not be sold or offered for sale at retail, given away or discharged in the city except as follows: beginning at twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight June 23 and ending at twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight July 5, and beginning at twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight December 26 and ending at twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight January 1. (1991 Code § 9.08.030; amd. 2011 Code)
   D.   Enforcement: It shall be the duty of the members of the police department to take such steps as may be necessary for the enforcement of this section. (1991 Code § 9.08.040)
   E.   Violation; Penalty: Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code; or in the event that the person violating this chapter is a minor, he shall be dealt with and punished as provided in the juvenile corrections act for the state 1 . (1991 Code § 9.08.050; amd. 2011 Code)



1. IC § 20-501 et seq.