A.   This title is not intended to interfere with, abrogate or annul any other ordinance, rule or regulation, statute or other provision of law. Where any provisions of law conflict, whichever provisions are more restrictive or impose higher standards shall control.
   B.   This title is not intended to abrogate any easement, covenant or any other private agreement or restriction; provided, that, where the provisions of this title are more restrictive or impose higher standards or regulations than such easement, covenant, or other private agreement or restriction, the requirements of this title shall govern. Where the provisions of the easement, covenant or private agreement or restriction impose duties and obligations of this title or the determinations of the city council in approving a subdivision or in enforcing this title, and such private provisions are not consistent with this title or determinations thereunder, then such private provisions shall be operative and supplemental to this title and determinations made thereunder but will not be enforced by the city. (Ord. 151, 8-14-1995)