(A)   The village shall cause to be collected, transported and disposed of garbage and debris that are deposited in containers as specified in § 92.11 of this chapter. The garbage shall be removed from the premises at least once each week as nearly as practical throughout all the months of the year. The village may provide that the exclusive method for collection, transportation and disposition of garbage, debris, rubbish and ashes to be allowed within the village shall be through the services of a franchised garbage hauler contracted by the village and shall not be collected or disposed of, for hire, in any other manner, except as provided in this section.
   (B)   The terms and conditions of such exclusive method for collection, transportation and disposal shall be stated in the franchise contract by and between the village and franchised garbage hauler. The maximum rates to be charged by the franchised garbage hauler for the collection, transportation and disposal of garbage and waste material shall be fixed by the village at the time the franchise contract is granted.
   (C)   The minimum garbage fee for the collection of garbage and waste materials shall be as set by the Board of Trustees from time to time, per month. If said fee is not paid promptly, all services shall cease and no more services shall be rendered to the delinquent until all charges are paid.
(2010 Code, § 94.12) (Ord. 13-05-05, passed - -2013; Ord. 14-09-01, passed 9-2-2014; Ord. 22-04-02, passed 4-5-2022)