(A)   No dog shall be permitted to be in or remain in the village without being inoculated against rabies and registered pursuant to Chapter 5, Article II of the Peoria County Code of Ordinances. Evidence of such inoculation shall be entered upon a certificate, the form of which shall be approved by the County Board, and the certificate shall be signed by the licensed veterinarian administering the vaccine.
   (B)   It shall be the duty of the owner of a dog to procure an inoculation tag from the county and cause such inoculation tag to be securely attached to a collar or harness to be worn by the dog whenever the dog is not confined in a secure enclosure. If a dog is not inoculated and registered, said dog shall be impounded and may be redeemed or disposed of as set forth in the impoundment procedures of this chapter.
(2010 Code, § 175.01) (Ord. 21-05-03, passed 5-17- 2021) Penalty, see § 90.99