§ 51.06 PAYMENT.
   (A)   General. The rates or charges for service shall be payable monthly, on the twentieth day of each month. The owner of the premises, the occupant and the user of the service shall be jointly and severally liable for the service on the premises and the service is furnished to the premises by the village only upon the condition that the owner of the premises, occupant and user of the service are jointly and severally liable to the village. All bills for service shall be rendered monthly as of the third day of the month succeeding the period for which the service is billed and shall be payable not later than the close of business on the twentieth day of the same month, unless the billing date or payment date falls on a holiday or weekend. If payment of the full amount of the bill is not made within this period, then a penalty of 10% of the amount of the bill shall be added to the bill. The Water Clerk shall give the owner or tenant or both, as the case may be, written notice of the delinquency providing in the notice that water service will be disconnected if the total delinquency is not paid by a certain date specified in the notice, which date shall be at least ten days after the date on the notice, and affording the delinquent customer an opportunity to be heard if he or she wishes to contest the delinquency, which hearing shall be afforded prior to any disconnection of water service. Disconnection shall be at least two days after the date set for the hearing, and shall be after the expiration of the ten days after the date of the notice. If a customer is moving, the Water Clerk shall send a final bill for all outstanding charges and the account will be closed, which shall be due ten days following the date on the final bill. All payments are to be made by cash, money order, certified check, cashier’s check, or online payment through the village's website, regardless of whether the customer is paying or someone is paying on behalf of the customer.
   (B)   Non-sufficient funds (NSF). The customer will be charged a sum as set by the Board of Trustees from time to time, for any check that is returned for non-sufficient funds. After the village has received notice of a second returned check for non-sufficient funds, the account holder will no longer be allowed to make payments by check and will be required to make payments in the form of cash, money order or cashier’s check to the village.
(2010 Code, § 171.01) (Ord. 16-08-01, passed - -2016; Ord. 21-10-03, passed 10-19-2021)