(A)   (1)   The following standing committees shall be appointed by the President, with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees:
         (a)   Finance;
         (b)   Community and Economic Development;
         (c)   Planning and Zoning;
         (d)   Streets/Buildings and Grounds/Garbage;
         (e)    Water/Sewer/Sanitation; and
         (f)   Administration.
      (2)   Each committee shall consist of three members, with the person first named on the committee serving as the chairperson.
   (B)   Each standing committee shall control all subject matter properly belonging to it, as designated by its title, or which may be referred to it by the Board, and shall be required to report at regular meetings unless the Board instructs otherwise.
(2010 Code, § 170.06) (Ord. 22-09-01, passed 9-20-2022)