Public Water Service
   51.001   Scope; duty to enforce
   51.002   Definitions
   51.003   Application for service; authorization; permission
   51.004   Service pipe specifications
   51.005   Prohibited connections; non-approved water supply
   51.006   Certified water operator to make connections
   51.007   Inspection of work
   51.008   Responsibility for breaking pavement
   51.009   Cost of service connections
   51.010   Repairs to be at expense of person receiving service; notice of shut-off
   51.011   Meters; all water to pass through
   51.012   Meters; have single connection
   51.013   Meters; purchased from city; installation
   51.014   Meters; removal of; prohibition
   51.015   Meters; owners of premise responsible for
   51.016   Taking of water without permission
   51.017   Supplying water to other premises prohibited
   51.018   Water shut-off; not to be turned on without permit; violation; severance of connection
   51.019   Right of entry; refusal; shut-off; power to require repairs
   51.020   Obstruction to premises being serviced
   51.021   One-inch meters
   51.022   Deductions and rebates prohibited
   51.023   Water rates
   51.024   Meter districts
   51.025   Delinquent bills; shut-off
   51.026   Lien; assessment
   51.027   Service shut-off; labor cost; turn-on charge
   51.028   Meter reading
   51.029   Use and operation of water system
Collection of Water Deposit
   51.040   Intent
   51.041   Collection
   51.042   Deposit; if not paid
Drinking Water Wells
   51.050   Prohibition
   51.051   Filing of copy
   51.052   Notice to be given
Water Conservation
   51.060   Determination
   51.061   Prohibition
   51.062   Rules; effective period
   51.110   Definitions
   51.111   Cross-connections prohibited; rules adopted by reference
   51.112   Inspections
   51.113   Right of entry; information
   51.114   Discontinuing cross-connection service
   51.115   Testing of devices
   51.116   Protection of potable water supply
   51.117   Supplemental to State Plumbing Code
   51.999   Penalty