(A)   A police officer shall arrest a person when the officer has reasonable cause to believe that person has, within the previous 24 hours, assaulted a spouse, former spouse or other person residing or having resided in the same household, if the victim has visible signs of injury from the assault or if the assailant used or threaten to use a dangerous weapon (as defined in M.C.L.A. § 750.82). The obligation to arrest shall exist only if the assailant is present or can be readily apprehended. A threat with a weapon is covered by this section only if it is made at or about the time of the assault, if the weapon is present and if there is an apparent ability to use it.
   (B)   When an arrest is made pursuant to division (B), prior to the release of the assailant, the Police Department shall make a reasonable effort to notify the victim and shall notify a SAFE House volunteer.
   (C)   When an officer responds to a complaint concerning an assault by a person having the relationship described in division (A), the officer shall provide the complainant a written statement indicating the officer’s name, badge number, report number and follow-up telephone number.
   (D)   When an officer acts in good faith and exercises due care in making an arrest pursuant to division (A), the city shall indemnify, defend and hold the officer harmless as to any civil liability.
   (E)   This does not apply to assaults between parents or guardians and their children or wards who are under 18 years of age.