(A)   The City Controller shall issue with each license, under which a vehicle is used, 2 metallic plates on which shall be stamped a number corresponding with the number of the license issued with the plates, and also the words “Hammond License,” together with the year for which the licensee using the vehicle is licensed.
   (B)   The metal vehicle license plates shall be a different color and design for each year.  These plates shall be kept securely fastened on the outside of each side of the vehicle on which it is placed, during the year for which it is issued, unless the vehicle is no longer used by the licensee in his or her licensed business. 
   (C)   At the expiration of the license year for which any metallic vehicle license plates were issued, or at any time before the expiration when any vehicle shall cease to be used by any licensee in or about his or her business, the plates shall be forthwith removed from the vehicle and destroyed.  No person shall use or cause to be used any vehicle, on which plates are required, with the plates for any year other than the year for which these plates were issued.
(Prior Code, § 119.16)  Penalty, see § 10.99