It shall be required that any contractor or subcontractor performing work covered by § 103.01 shall file a schedule of the wages and fringe benefits to be paid to such laborers, workmen or mechanics with the city in the Common Council Office and also with the Building Commissioner before any permits are issued.  The schedule shall be filed before any work is performed.  The schedule shall not be less than the prevailing scale of wages and fringe benefits being paid in the county for such class of work as determined by §§ 103.01 and 103.02.  There is nothing, however, which shall prevent any contractor or subcontractor from paying a higher rate of wages and fringe benefits than set out in the schedule of wages and benefits which has been filed.
(Prior Code, § 103.03)  (Ord. 7396, passed 7-22-1991; Am. Ord. 8370, passed 8-13-2001)  Penalty, see § 103.99