(A)   In every case where the water mains of the town are to be connected with a building or with two or more buildings, there shall be placed separate shut-offs outside each building for each family dwelling or business office unit therein; provided, that if in the furnishing of water service to a large apartment house, store, office or other building where it would seem unwise to install separate outside shut-offs for each individual user, the Superintendent shall determine the number and sizes of the services to be installed.
   (B)   If more than one building or office unit receives its water service from the town water main by one or more laterals where no separate outside shut-offs are provided for each family unit or business office unit, then all fo the water used by such dwelling or office unit shall be billed to the owner of such dwelling or office unit, and the owner shall be responsible for the payment of the water bill regardless of the number of water meters installed n the building.
   (C)   The Superintendent or his representative shall have at all reasonable times access to the pipes and fixtures on the premises of the consumer used for the purpose of conveying water.
(Ord. 2002-13, passed 10-21-02)