(A)   The opening of fire hydrants connected to the town water system is forbidden except as set forth herein and any such opening shall constitute a violation and be punishable as such.
   (B)   The following persons are authorized to open hydrants:
      (1)   Firefighters in the course of carrying out their duties either in fighting a fire, loading a tank truck for such a purpose or preventing the spread of a fire; or
      (2)   Water utility personnel under the guidance of or at the direction of the operator of the facility in carrying out their duties or at the direction of the Town Council.
   (C)   Agents of fire insurance companies or rating services may request the town operator to open the hydrants for test purposes, if the request is made three business days before the proposed test (or a longer period as reasonably determined by the operator as appropriate). The operator may issue notice to water consumers likely to be affected by the test and shall supervise the opening and closing of the hydrant.
(Ord. 89-4, passed 7-3-89)