(A)   The Town Council is authorized and empowered to collect and dispose of, or provide for the collection and disposal of, all garbage and rubbish within the town and areas located close to and surrounding the town.
   (B)   The Council is authorized to promulgate and prescribe rules and regulations providing for methods to be used in the storage, collection and disposal of all garbage and rubbish and to advertise and publish the same and the rules when duly advertised and published shall have the same force and effect as ordinances and resolutions of the town.
   (C)   The Council is authorized to establish and maintain just and reasonable fees for the use of and the service rendered by the town in the collection and disposal of garbage and rubbish, in order to provide for the payment of the service rendered to the town paying for the services from the general tax levy and to establish a fund for such payment.
(Ord. 96-4, passed 11-4-96)