(A)   The town shall charge the following fees for the following services:
Document copying (11 x 14 or less)
$ .10 per page/per side
Document copying (greater than 11 x 14)
$ .25 per page/per side
Computer disc duplication
$ 25.00
Audiotape duplication
$ 25.00
Facsimile sent/received
$ .25 per sheet
Document copied by outside service
Actual direct cost per invoice from outside service plus postage and/or travel expenses
Postage fees to mail documents
Actual cost per post office receipt
   (B)   All fees shall be paid in advance and the proceeds of such fee shall be deposited in the General Fund.
   (C)   Requests for services shall be made during regular business hours of the Office of the Clerk- Treasurer either in person, phone, facsimile or mail. The town shall provide the services requested within a reasonable period of time and shall have a reasonable period of time so as not to unreasonably interfere with other official business of the town.
   (D)   A request for the inspection or copying of public records must identify with reasonable particularity the record being requested which should include, among other things, the name of the record, the topic addressed by the record and the approximate date the record was generated. The town, may in its discretion require requests to be in writing on a form prescribed by the town.
(Ord. 2004-21, passed 12-27-04)