(A)   The town may establish, maintain, and operate a police and law enforcement system to preserve public peace and order and may provide facilities and equipment for that system. ('88 Code, § 6-1-2)
   (B)   The town authorizes police reserves who shall be governed by applicable state law. Each reserve police person shall be compensated an amount established by ordinance per working weekend, subject to the fact that the reserve police person will be working at the discretion of and under the supervision of the Town Marshal and the President of the Town Council, speaking for and on behalf of the Town Council. ('88 Code, § 2-2-4) (Ord. 80-5, passed 7-7-80)
   Town Marshal, see §§ 31.25 through 31.29
Statutory reference:
   Authority to preserve public peace and order, see I.C. 36-8-2-2
   Police reserves, see I.C. 36-8-3-20