(A)   Purpose. The town has insufficient employment opportunities, insufficient diversification of industry and economic development, and insufficient abatement and control of pollution, which conditions are harmful to the health, prosperity, economic stability, and general welfare of this area, and if not remedied will be detrimental to the development of this area. The Town Council finds that a need exists for the financing of economic development and pollution control facilities as authorized by I.C. 36-7-12-1 through 36-7-12-38, and the creation of a Department of Development under the control of a commission to be known as the Hamilton Economic Development Commission.
   (B)   Department and Commission established. A Department of Development is created as a department of the town, which Department shall be under the control of the Economic Development Commission, which Commission shall consist of three members, one to be selected by the President of the Town Council, one to be nominated by the DeKalb and Steuben County Councils, and one to be nominated by the Town Council, and each to be appointed by the President of the Town Council.
   (C)   Organization. The Department of Development and the Economic Development Commission shall be organized, the members appointed and qualified, and such Department and Commission shall exercise the functions and have all of the powers and duties pursuant to I.C. 36-7-12-1 et seq.
('88 Code, § 2-4-1) (Ord. 80-1, passed 4-7-80)