The order of business to be followed at regular meetings of the Town Council shall be, and it is established, as follows:
   (A)   Calling of order.
   (B)   Roll call by Clerk.
   (C)   Reading and approval of minutes.
   (D)   Communications from President of Council.
   (E)   Reports from official Boards.
   (F)   Reports from Special Committee.
   (G)   Introduction of general and special ordinances, first reading.
   (H)   Introduction of miscellaneous business.
   (I)   Ordinances on second reading.
   (J)   Ordinances or third reading.
   (K)   Unfinished business.
   (L)   Adjournment.
('88 Code, § 3-1-7) (Ord. passed 4-17-15)