(A)   The Town Council is the town legislative body.
   (B)   The Town Council consists of five members whose terms of office, except as may be otherwise directed by Ordinance No. 94-4 of the town, are four years, beginning at noon on January 1 after election and continuing until successors are elected and qualified.
   (C)   The Town Council shall provide by ordinance that its members are elected at-large by the voters of the whole town.
('88 Code, § 3-1-1) (Ord. 90-5, passed 7-2-90; Am. Ord. 94-4, passed - -94)
   (D)   The Town Council shall, by ordinance, fix the compensation of its own members. ('88 Code, § 3-1-11)
Statutory reference:
   Compensation, see I.C. 36-5-3-2
   Town Council, see I.C. 36-5-2-2