§ 152.37 LOTS.
   Lots within subdivisions shall conform to the following standards:
   (A)   Sizes and shapes.
      (1)   Sidelines of lots shall be at approximately right angles (90º) to straight streets and approximately 90º on radial lines of curved streets. Some variation from this rule is permissible, but only side lot lines of 60º angles or more are permitted. Square or rectangular lots are preferred. For lots with side lines of less than right angles (90º), the front lot line can not be less than 70% in width than the width of the building setback line.
      (2)   Lot areas and width shall conform to at least the minimum requirements of the zoning ordinance for the district in which the subdivision is proposed, minimum lot widths shall be measured at the building set back, also referred to as the front yard set back line.
      (3)   That the building setback lines shall conform to at least the minimum requirements of the zoning ordinance. They will also include a five foot buffer between the building line and the utility easement line.
      (4)   Corner lots should be platted in such a fashion as to allow conformance with front yard setback lines on both streets or side lotted streets.
      (5)   Lots intended for purposes other than residential use shall be specifically designated for such purposes, and shall have adequate provision for off-street parking, setbacks and other requirements in accordance with Chapter 153.
      (6)   Through lots sharing frontage on two parallel or approximately parallel streets will be permitted only at the discretion of the Commission.
   (B)   Arrangement.
      (1)   Every lot shall front or abut on a street.
      (2)   Lots shall have a front to front relationship across all streets where possible. This shall be accomplished to assure that houses do not face rear or side yards across streets wherever possible.
      (3)   Where lots border upon bodies of water, the front yard may be designated as the waterfront side of such lot provided that lot has sufficient depth to provide adequate setback on the street to maintain a setback for all structures equal to the setback on the street side as well as on the waterfront side.
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