(A)   A certificate of approval from the Town Council that all improvements and installations to the subdivision required for its approval have been made or installed in accordance with the local state and federal specifications.
      (1)   A performance bond which shall:
         (a)   Run to the Town Council; and
         (b)   Be in an amount determined by the Town Council to be sufficient in amount to complete the improvement and installations in compliance with this chapter.
      (2)   Any other form of surety can be substituted (letter of credit, escrow) if approved by the Town Council. Any funds received from these bonds shall be used by the Town Council only for the completion of the improvements and installations for which they were provided, and the Council is authorized to complete such improvements and installations on the failure of applicant to do so.
   (B)   Prior to the acceptance by the town of improvements, a two-year maintenance bond in an amount set by the Town Council shall be posted by the applicant.
   (C)   After hearing and within a reasonable time after application for approval of the plat, the Commission shall approve or disapprove it. If the Commission approves, it shall affix the Commission's seal upon the plat together with the certifying signature of its president and secretary. If it disapproves, it shall set forth its reason in its own records and provide the applicant with a copy.
   (D)   Final plat certification information requires the following forms, copies of which are found in the appendix following this chapter:
      (1)   Certificate of approval;
      (2)   Surveyor's certificate;
      (3)   Certificate of dedication; and
      (4)   Certificate of acknowledgement.
('88 Code, § 10-11-6) (Ord. 82-5, passed 4-26-82; Am. Ord. 94-2, passed 4-4-94)