(A)   Prior to the preparation of a preliminary plat the subdivider shall informally meet with the Plan Commission to investigate the procedures and standards of the municipality with reference to the Subdivision Control Chapter and provisions of the Comprehensive Plan. A plan sketch should be submitted at this time.
   (B)   The subdivider should concern himself with the following factors:
      (1)   Regulations imposed by zoning and subdivision ordinances, engineering specifications and other relevant ordinances or controls.
      (2)   Zoning of the proposed subdivision location.
      (3)   The adequacy of existing schools and public open spaces.
      (4)   The town, county, and state standards for sewage disposal, water supply, and drainage.
('88 Code, § 10-11-1) (Ord. 82-5, passed 4-26-82; Am. Ord. 94-2, passed 4-4-94; Am. Ord. 2002-04, passed 7-1-02)