(A)   All construction shall be subject to periodic inspections by the Building Commissioner irrespective of whether a building permit has been or is required to be obtained.
   (B)   The Building Commissioner may at any reasonable time go in, upon, around or about the premises where any structure subject to the provisions of this Building Code or to the rules of the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission is located for the purposes of inspection and investigation of such structure. Such inspection and investigation may be made before and/or after construction on the project is completed for the purposes of determining whether the structure meets building standards and procedures, and ascertaining whether the construction and procedures have been accomplished in a manner consistent with this Building Code and the rules of the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission and in addition to ascertain whether the construction is being performed in a good and workman like manner according to the accepted standards and practices in the trade as established in the community.
   (C)   In order to establish that the foundation of the improvement permitted by the improvement location permit and building permit is properly located on the premises, the holder of the permits is required to furnish the Hamilton Zoning Administrator a copy of the foundation permit/inspection as issued by the Building Commissioner. The Zoning Administrator shall then inspect the foundation to determine whether it has been located according to the improvement location permit. If not, the Zoning Administrator shall notify the Building Commissioner who shall issue a stop work order.
(Ord. 2005-03, passed 6-6-05) Penalty, see § 150.99