(A)   This code is a codification of previously existing laws, amendments thereto, and newly enacted laws. Any previously existing law or amendment thereto reenacted by this code shall continue in operation and effect, as if it had not been repealed by this code. All rules and regulations adopted under laws reenacted in this code shall remain in full force and effect unless repealed or amended subsequent to the enactment of this code.
   (B)   Any appropriation repealed and reenacted by this code is continued only for the period designated in the original enactment of that appropriation.
   (C)   The numerical order and position of sections in this code does not resolve a conflict between two or more sections.
   (D)   Any irreconcilable conflict between sections shall be resolved by reference to the dates that the sections were originally enacted. The section most recently enacted supersedes any conflicting section or subsection.
   (E)   All references within a section of this code to any section of previously existing laws refer to the numbers in the original enactment.
   (F)   All references within a section of this code to any section of previously existing law refer to the new code numbers assigned to that law.
   (G)   (1)   The numerical designations and descriptive headings assigned to the various titles, chapters, subchapters or sections of this code, as originally enacted, or as added by amendment, are not law, and may be altered by the compilers of this or any subsequent codification, in any official publication, to more clearly indicate its content. These descriptive headings are for organizational purposes only, and do not affect the meaning, application, or construction of the law they precede.
      (2)   Each note following a section of this code is for reference purposes only, and is not a part of the section.
   (H)   All references to any section of this code refer to all subsequent amendments to that section, unless otherwise provided.
(I.C. 1-1-1-5)