For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ABANDONED VEHICLE. Shall include the following:
      (1)   A vehicle located on public property illegally;
      (2)   A vehicle left on public property continuously without being moved for three days;
      (3)   A vehicle located on public property in such a manner as to constitute a hazard or obstruction to the movement of pedestrian or vehicle traffic on a public right-of-way;
      (4)   A vehicle that has remained on private property without the consent of the property owner or persons in control of the property for more than 48 hours;
      (5)   A vehicle from which there has been removed the engine, transmission, or differential, or that is otherwise partially dismantled or inoperative and left on public property;
      (6)   A vehicle that has been removed by a towing service or a public agency upon request of an officer enforcing a statute or ordinance other than this chapter if the vehicle, once impounded, is not claimed or redeemed by the owner or his agent within 15 days of its removal; or
      (7)   A vehicle that is mechanically inoperable, and is left on private property continuously in a location visible from public property for more than 30 days.
   AUTOMOBILE SCRAPYARD. A business organized for the purpose of scrap metal processing, automobile wrecking, or operating a junkyard.
   BUREAU. The State Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
   FISCAL BODY. The Town Council.
   OFFICER. Shall include the following:
      (1)   The Town Marshal or any Deputy Town Marshal.
      (2)   Any individual of the Town designated by ordinance of the Town Council.
   OWNER. The last known record title holder of a vehicle according to the records of the Bureau under I.C. 9-1-2-1 et seq.
   PERSON. An individual, firm, corporation, association, fiduciary, or governmental entity.
   PRIVATE PROPERTY. All property other than public property.
   PUBLIC AGENCY. The Town Council.
   PUBLIC PROPERTY. A public right-of-way, street, highway, alley, sidewalk, park, or other municipal property.
   TOWING SERVICE. A business that engages in moving, removing, storing, and impounding disabled vehicles.
   VEHICLE. An automobile, motorcycle, truck, trailer, semi-trailer, tractor, bus, school bus, recreational vehicle, camper, or motorized bicycle.
   VISIBLE FROM PUBLIC PROPERTY. A vehicle which can be seen from public property, and this includes vehicles which have been covered by an impermanent covering that allows the form or the outline of the vehicle to remain visible from public property
(Ord. 2000-08, passed 8-7-00)